About us

PRODUCE is a design studio for the City, and one with prototyping capabilities. We develop and actualise ideas for the city through the design of objects and spaces.


Integrating the design studio with a workshop, we have the ability to test, experience and make proposals at a 1:1 scale with our precision prototyping machines. This forms an integral part of our design and evaluation process, which allows us to realise our design visions meticulously.


PRODUCE actively integrates stakeholders such as users, clients and specialists as vital players in the design narrative. Constraints and economies become important ingredients that enrich the projects. We wholly embrace these conditions as generative forces that shape our formal ideas and strategies. The concepts that we develop out of this process are thus inherently contextual.

PRODUCE has won several awards including but not limited to :

INDE.Awards Best of the Best
INDE.Awards The Design Studio
Golden Pin Design Mark Award

Special Prize Interior (Shops & Stores) - Prix Versailles
Best Use of Material (Jury’s Choice) - FRAME Award
Winner of Outstanding Private Apartment - Lookbox Design Awards

World Interior of the Year - INSIDE Festival
Best Display Interior - INSIDE Festival
Gold Medal for Retail Interior - Singapore Interior Design Awards

Best Retail Interior - INSIDE Festival
Highly Commended Residential Interior - INSIDE Festival

Our Team.

Pan Yi Cheng
AA Diploma Honours

Design Director / Co-Founder


Tel: +65 9147 4690

Stanley Tan

Director of Misc. Stuff / Co-Founder


Tel: +65 9786 7800