Aivee Vertis
Philippines Manila, 2019

The Aivee Clinic at Vertis North was our first project in Manila.

The Aivee Group is renowned for their reinvention of the aesthetic practice from a clinical to a more holistic, wellness-based approach. Even from their first clinic in 2009, their interiors have always exuded a luxurious and homely atmosphere not commonly seen in an aesthetics clinic. 

As our clients were well established in the Philippines, we approached this project not as a redesign or rebranding but rather as a progression of what already existed. We saw the sophistication and French-styled ornamentation which was synonymous with the brand image as a point of departure, and abstracted that into a custom made gypsum “curtain wall” that is clad throughout the entire clinic.

This unifying element wraps the space and softens the otherwise hard boundaries required for private consultations and procedures, and through its repetition and undulation creates the textural shadow play that is modern, but at the same time familiar - reminiscent of the sheer curtains, cornices, and fluted pilasters.

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