Kki Sweets
Kki Sweets
Singapore, 2020

Kki Sweets is a dessert restaurant that offers beautifully handcrafted confectioneries. The new store was designed to echo and facilitate the latest evolution of the brand. While retaining their original passion for craft, culture, and community, the current design propels these concepts further.

Not only is there a shift to full table service, but there is also an aspiration to encompass showmanship as an extension of their dessert-making craft.

Two architectural devices were brought together in order to achieve this; the communal table and the stage. Both these elements exist in our common vocabulary and bring with them certain assumptions.

However, the unorthodox positioning of the two together signals to the patron to leave any preconceived ideas of past dining experiences at the door. The result is a singular white table, spanning the length of the space. The thin-edged surface transitions from a plating station in the kitchen to the tea bar and finally, tapering out-wide, the dining area.
Holes in the table at the seating-end allow for potted plants to pierce through as well as for images to be projected overhead onto a folded roof-like structure

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