The Glass Block House - Coronation Road West

The Glass Block house is a reconstruction of an existing 2-storey semi-detached house to create an additional floor. The project involved the demolition of a large part of the existing house, reconfiguring the internal spaces for the family of 5, as well the addition of new structure to create a triple-volume hall and support the gym perched atop the retained part of the house.

As with most deep plans, it is always a challenge to get light into the deeper spaces in the house. Frosted glass blocks were chosen as a way to diffuse natural daylight into the hall while maintaining privacy from the neighboring houses. Additionally, the serrated profile of this facade prevents the space from becoming a greenhouse by allowing wind to pass through freely.

A porous parametrically designed laser-cut screen buffers the predominantly west-facing Gym from the harsh afternoon Sun. Perforation sizes are carefully considered to maximize eye-level views out of the gym, while minimizing the views into it from the external road level.

This project was a collaboration between PRODUCE and TA.LE.

Photo credits by Daniel Chia ( unless otherwise stated in individual photos

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