Kki Sweets and
The Little Dröm Store
Singapore, 2014
Winner of Best Retail Interior 2015 INSIDE Festival

Earlier on in Harold Bloom's Anxiety of Influence, he warned against the paralysing anguish, doubt and self consciousness that masterful precursors inevitably instill in young poets. Rather than mere submission to "source study", Bloom offered six methods of creative misprision to help young poets overcome the struggle against the old masters …

Building KKI + DROM in the School of the Arts (SOTA) provided that anxiety. The anguish of merely to create a work of competitive standards with one of the most important buildings in Singapore, much less to exceed its influence.

The approach therefore was to engage in the SOTA building consciously instead of misreading it.

The design of the shop is a distillation of the SOTA building into its most essential diagram - a datum plane and the volumes that it segregates. The plane is designed as a porous trellis so that the entire diagram can be observed and experienced from within. Volumes above the plane hints at the imaginary while the volumes below are adapted to practical requirements of eating and merchandising, forming tables and shelves, and intimate interiors and close-knitted exteriors.

… In an attempt at Bloom's Demonisation (or Counter-Sublime) and Apophrades (or "return of the dead") method, the project taps into the deep structure of SOTA and seeks not only to formulate an alternative interpretation of the type but to provide a diagram from which SOTA can be read.

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