Lien Foundation Office
- Shortlisted for Best Office Interior INSIDE Festival 2019
Singapore, 2019


Lien Foundation is a philanthropic house noted for its unique brand of radical philanthropy. Guided by the values of courage, creativity and a conscience that strives to do what they believe is right, Lien Foundation supports the betterment of society by pioneering and propagating solutions that attempt to tackle the root of problems in eldercare and early childhood development in Singapore. 


Organised into two clusters comprising the early childhood and eldercare team, Lien Foundation's office functions as a collaborative space where they birth bold ideas with creatives and exciting projects see the light of day. 

Situated on the top floor of an office building along Singapore’s famous shopping street, Orchard Road, the space enjoys a panoramic view of the city and receives abundant natural light.

As a place where ideas are generated and written, we chose to reflect the office as a continuous timber structure, reminiscent of an unrolled scroll is proposed to organise the spaces. This 40mm thick self-supporting structure undulates and twists to form the boardroom, quiet pod, the cells, CEO office and pantry – stringing the functions into a coherent whole, while natural light is unhindered by the open plan.

Constructed out of a plywood core sandwiched with varnished birch and internally lined with acoustic felt, the skin also serves to provide the cells with a distinct “enclosure”, facilitating and containing discussion within the cells and also to framing the separate identities of the cells.

This 3-layered surface consists of some 1200 unique triangular units, connected edgewise with 2-3 fastener assemblies, works out to almost 30000 components, of which nearly 3000 are unique. Through a Digital workflow and CNC fabrication, individually components are precisely chamfered and labelled, allowing the parts are tightened into their pre-determined angles and thus require little specialized labour on site.

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Lien Foundation Office