Little Red Ants Creative Studio
Singapore, 2015

Little Red Ants is a creative studio known for churning out compelling videos for a multitude of clients. The nature of their work means they work round the clock, and their new office at CT Hub 2 at Lavender Street needs to be a sanctuary for eat, sleep and play, in addition to work.


The brief also called for a space that promotes communication as every project demands contributions from numerous staff members. As everyone has their little role and contribution to the big picture, they should have their own little space in this 'ants’ nest’. It is all about working cohesively as a single body and creating a sense of bonding and belonging. To some extent it is anti hot-desking.


The result is an open-plan office space occupied by a single piece of furniture – a continuous figure of eight work desk that casually demarcates the worker’s space and the visitor’s space.

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