My Imagination Kingdom - A BOOKSTORE FOR CHILDREN
Singapore, 2014

“My Imagination Kingdom” is a bookshop for children instead of a bookshop for parents to pick children books. Contouring shelves create alcove-like spaces and little grottos where children can be surrounded by books, forming intimate spaces for each age group. Reading is a self-directed activity, therefore we wanted to create a condition where children can read in their own space and time. We observed young children and notice how they react to forms at play and thought that these platforms and “grottos” would be perfect and fun for kids to climb onto and hide within.


The shop is small. The meandering contours of the bookshelves, which subdivides the space into a series of smaller ­­­­­alcoves, provides the appearance of “more spaces” while maximising the length of bookshelves. We were conscious about not interpreting anything or formulating any meanings into the design so that children can form their own associations to the space and structure for themselves.

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