The Bar Above
Singapore, 2014

Have you been to the new bar on the 2nd floor of 72 Tanjong Pagar road (above Pho Stop), otherwise known as “The Bar Above” or TBA in short?


Its story began when land use control confined the conserved shophouses in the area to commercial activities only. Through TBA, we aim to bring back the concept of living and working to the heart of the city and reinstate the identity of this unique Southeast Asian building type – Shop + House. We used wire-framed lighting features and volumetric air-con housings to form rough shapes and outlines of houses. By applying the same concept to the outdoor terrace, the wired roof completes our design, building houses above the bar.


As designers, we may never effect any change in the land use control and urban renewal program, but we will let our work speak for the loss of heritage and culture in our nation.

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