Unit at Royce Residence
Singapore, 2014

In a climate of low interest rates and market speculation, the “shoebox”
apartment evolved purely out of square footage yield, seemingly unconcerned
with the immanent criterion of “housing” – the possibilities of framing
“forms of life”. The inability for most people to contain and organise their
living conditions within a space of less than 400sqft makes for the usual
appropriations of the “shoebox” as a generic temporal rental apartment or
short term stay and the excessive employment of visual trickery to “maximise”
the illusion of space. 

The proposal attempts to confront the very limitation of space by organising
and framing the owner’s essential praxis of reading. 3mm steel sheets are
folded to form modular shelves, benches and storage that defines the hallway,
doorway and living space. The thinness of the shelves disappears as it is
loaded with books, allowing the array of book spines and categories to form
the final image of the house. These shelves which embodies the idea of
“home” for the book-lover can be reused in a new house if one day the “shoebox”
is sold. 

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