Wild Rocket
Singapore, 2014
Finalist under Small Project Category 2015 World Architecture Festival

The new WILD ROCKET has a little story behind it. Its founder, Chef Willin Low, was studying law overseas when he began his culinary career hosting and cooking for homesick friends. His experience gave us the idea of modelling the new Wild Rocket after the traditional Japanese teahouse (chashitsu), a space which the Japanese built to host guests for tea gatherings. Like a chashitsu you would see in Japan, a garden path (roji) leads you to the restaurant’s entrance. But we did not intend to just replicate the physical features of a chashitsu.


When you enter the restaurant, you will notice an intricate timber lattice structure that extends from the interior to the exterior. The alcove (tokonoma), a private space where tea gatherings are held, becomes a private room with a “tunnel perspective” door feature. In your seat, you will have full vision of chef Willin Low, who will prepare your food in a space (mizuya) that sits prominently in the centre. 

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